Do I have to register with the ACA to practice counselling?

As counselling is a non-regulated industry you do not have to be registered to practice.

However, being a Registered Counsellor with ACA in a field that is a non-regulated industry means that your qualification meets the criteria as a Counsellor and you are also being held to standard but completing yearly requirements in Supervision and OPD.

Registered Counsellors with ACA get discounts on insurance as they are not considered as high risk as those who are not registered and some Registered Counsellors are eligible for Private Health Fund provider numbers to offer clients rebates through some private health funds.

All ACA practising members are able to become NDIS providers and register with EAP services depending on the membership level. Also being a Registered Counsellor keeps you connected with other Registered Counsellors through Chapter meetings and the ACA Annual Conferences, which is great for networking.

For more information on ACA membership, eligibility, levels and requirements please download the ACA Scope of Practice for Registered Counsellors or visit our website.

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