Am I eligible for ACA membership?

In order to be eligible for registration with ACA, you must hold a formal counselling qualification, with the requirements being a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor or Master of Counselling.

Please note: A Diploma or Graduate Diploma of Counselling can go as high as Level 2 membership with ACA. The higher levels of 3 and 4 require a Bachelor or Master of Counselling.

The full list of ACA accredited courses can be found under the Careers & Study section of our website. There are only a few ACA accredited Diplomas on our website, however a Diploma of Counselling with the national training code of CHC51015 is eligible for registration upon completion, even if it is not an ACA accredited course.

ACA does not accept qualifications in psychological science, psychology, social science, social work, welfare, mental health, education, theology, genetic counselling, financial counselling, rehabilitation counselling, or hybrid qualifications.

Like anything you would invest significant money in doing research on course providers is good practice and you should also read reviews on the organisation and discuss with them any questions you have regarding the course content and assessment, to determine which course best suits your needs. 

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